Paperless Training has arrived.

Over the Christmas and New Year break we were still working hard with our developer partners to ensure that the first training days of 2023 were paperless. We are so happy this was achieved; and 3rd January 2023 all courses were delivered using digital training records.

In the last 4 months we have been adapting and tweaking the experience to ensure our system is seamless and thank you to all our customers, instructors and developers for supporting and working with us towards our environmental and efficiency goals. We are proud to be again at the forefront of our industry and competitors in being the first training company within our training disciplines in the UK to achieve, independently substantial reduction in paper waste, and is clear testament to our commitment to quality, greener and more sustainable supply.

Course paperwork is now completed digitally with candidates, which then generates digital certification. These are supplied direct to our customers complete with course training records and candidate outcomes via secure link for immediate access & download, allowing quicker transfers to your HR files. Certification and records can still be supplied as far back as 1978, hopefully giving you peace of mind in ensuring future compliance long after training.

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