How Can We Help?

Our in-house sophisticated booking and training software works in real-time, we can see the progress of our training courses as candidates progress. When completed and checked our customers receive the candidate individual outcome straight to their email inbox.

A quote from one of our regular customers following our switch to digital training record delivery: “This is brilliant and so much quicker than it was before.

Following course completion, customers then receive both completed training records along with certificates for candidates who pass the course, again straight to their email in-box. The feedback we have had is that turn around times and employee HR files can be updated much quicker than before.

Automated Refresher Notification

When your staff are trained by us, irrelevant of how many courses they do. You will receive an email notification advising what course certificate is nearing expiry a few months before the due date.

We help with your compliance by ensuring you have no untrained staff on-site. Allowing you to concentrate on your business instead of managing training matrices.

Frequently Asked Question.

No, all you need to receive training records and certificates is a computer as all records are delivered in standard PDF format.

We can only automate refresher due notices for people we have trained, but once we have whether novice or refresher our system will notify you before the 3 years refresher retesting is due.

No all outcomes and notifications are received whether site specific non transferrable certificated or RTITB, we treat all training the same.

Most of our customers are commercial businesses and for this reason we offer a credit facility where payment is made 30 days after the training. If you are a private individual, we offer the facility of a direct bank transfer.