Training Record Audits 

At VOSS we have always ensured that training records are accurate, when training records are completed during a course, part of our commitment to quality is to double check the accuracy of content, including all elements and signatures are present.

Annually we are externally audited by RTITB, year after year we have the same outcome: “As no shortfalls were identified as part of the audit process, the report attached is for your receipt only and no further action is required

Why Double Check? Attention is in the detail and long after the training is completed and in the event of incident or future claim, you need to be sure that all elements of these records are complete so you can rely on them to produce to auditors or in a worst-case scenario, the HSE or a court of law.

Instructor Monitoring

To support our quality ethos, we conduct regular monitoring visits to keep in touch with our instructors, ensuring all training is carried out to the same high standards, irrelevant of who is on-site with you.

Most of our instructors are employed which helps maintain our quality of service. We also value them and their input and view them as part of our team.

Frequently Asked Question.

Yes, we provide training throughout the UK and usually have a qualified RTITB instructor close by. Many of our customers have multiple sites we service.

Yes, we always ask permission of our customers and look forward to meeting up in person whilst giving the opportunity of helping with any other support or guidance.

Yes, although there are premiums charged for nights, weekends or bank holidays we provide training 365 days a year covering any shifts 24 hours a day where required.

Like most businesses our usual office hours are 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, however we view ourselves as a service provider. In the event of out of hours incident our customers know we will come back quickly with a response and support.